Kosoo Restaurant

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Kosoo, as a modern Korean Restaurant, is based on Korean, Japanese and French style. With the belief that fundamentals are ought to be connected in any types of cooking, Kosoo tries to keep modern sense and traits in own dishes.

Kosoo is a space of ‘creativity’ where chefs present new flavors and types of dishes by using a variety of Korean traditional fermented sauces such as Gochujang (chili paste), Denjang (soybean paste, similar to Miso) and a variety of typical Korean herbs. Also, Kosoo is a space of sharing where anybody can have joyful and comfortable time with the quality of foods and where the interior design offers the unique combination of modern and tradition.

营业时间:周一到周四 11:30-15:00 17:00-01:00 周五到周日 11:30-15:00 17:00-02:00


  1. 藏在Robson拐角的fusion韩餐。目前温哥华最喜欢的一家~价格公道食物美味,满脸堆笑的服务员小哥萌得我多给了5%小费

  2. robson和cardero街角的一家fusion韩餐。猪骨汤拉面很好吃,不同于其他的韩餐,很特别。还有美女服务员哦