MusicQube Education Centre

8531 Alexandra Road 2nd Floor, Richmond, BC  查看地图>>>
Weekdays 12:00pm – 7:00pm
Weekends 9:00am – 6:30pm
Thursdays & Sundays CLOSED

Starting out and not sure if the instrument is right for you? Try our introduction classes to find out what’s the best for you! We offer introduction group classes in singing, piano, volin, cello, drums and woodwind instruments.
The MYC program combines early childhood education principles with music theory within fun yet comprehensive curriculum that is recognized by the Chief Examiner Emeritus of the Royal Conservatory of Music as a highly motivating and superior introduction to music. It is a comprehensive music program that integrates keyboard, singing, ear training, sight reading, creative movement, rhythm, music theory and music composition. Children between the ages of 2 – 9 and their parents benefit by acquiring solid music education in a fun group-based environment that enhances parent/child involvement.
Our 1-on-1 Program is designed to provides different choices for parents to choose from for different child’s learning style, personality and level. Students will participate in performances and exams and parents will get to know the student’s progress on a regular basis and meet with the teacher. MusicQube has its own teaching method to ensure success of each students’ music journey. Music lessons are fun and enjoyable here!
We offer fun adult group classes for adults who are wanting to start learning music! We currently offer singing and piano group classes for adults who are interested. Music can be enjoyed by people of all ages!